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CAPRICCIO for WIND ORCHESTRA by Christiaan Janssen (The Netherlands,1974)

[#13] October 21, 2019

2015 | Wind Orchestra | Grade 5 | 5’- 10’ | Rhapsody, overture

Christiaan Janssen
Photo credit Sanne Linssen

Capriccio for Wind Orchestra is Christiaan Janssen’s (The Netherlands, 1974) composition of the week.

A gorgeous 10 minutes work for Wind Orchestra, unmistakably rooted in the German’s late romantics, especially Richard Strauss.

Written in 2015, Capriccio calls for a standard Wind Orchestra instrumentation, including a full double-reed section, as well as contrabass clarinet and harp.

A very serious work for advanced ensembles searching for fine, large scale romantic music.

Christiaan Janssen has written a version for Symphony Orchestra as well.

“A capriccio is a piece of music usually fairly free in form and of a lively character. The typical capriccio is one that is fast, intense, and often virtuosic in nature.

In paintings, a capriccio means especially an architectural fantasy, placing together buildings, archaeological remains and other architectural elements in fictional and often fantastical combinations, perhaps with staffage of figures. It fits under the more general term of landscape painting. It may also be used of other types of work with an element of fantasy.

For this Capriccio I was freely inspired by “Capriccio of Rome”, painted by Pannini in 1758.

The world first performance took place (November 2015) also in Luxembourg by the European Youth Wind Orchestra conducted by Jan Cober”. Composer’s website Program Notes.


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