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LOS MADRILES (SYMPHONIC SUITE FOR BAND) by Miguel Asins Arbó(Spain,1916-1996)

[#10] September 30, 2019

1993 | Wind Orchestra | Grade 5 | 20’-25’ | Suite

Miguel Asins Arbó

Miguel Asins Arbó (Barcelona, 1916 – Valencia, 1996)

Los Madriles (1993) was the winning work of the Maestro Villa Award in its 1994 Edition. The piece is cast in four movements, describing emblematic places of the City of Madrid City. The expression “los madriles” is a popular and affectionate way to refer to Spain’s capital.

The four movements, in concert order, bear the name of “Arco de Monteleón”, “Junto al Manzanares”, “Las Vistillas” and “Puerta del Sol”.

This great symphonic suite resumes somehow Asins Arbo’s style. Fresh melody lines, harmonic brightness and formal balance. Rooted in the classical tradition in general and very fond of his native country’s folk music.

Asins Arbó was the student of another famous 20th-century Spanish composer, Manuel Palau. He studied at the Music Conservatoire of Valence then moving to Madrid in 1958, where he would contribute to develop the band music as a conductor, as a teacher as well as a composer. Asins Arbó’s production is large, including music for cinema and television. Among a great number of acknowledgements, he received the National Award of Music, was named a member of the Royal Academy of Arts of San Carlos of Valence as well as named member of the Academy of Arts and Film Science of Spain.


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