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Flute 1 - 2
Oboe 1 - 2

Bassoon 1 - 2

Principal Clarinets in B♭

Clarinet in B♭ 1 - 3

Bass Clarinet in B♭ 

Bassoon 1 - 2


Soprano Saxophone

Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone 

Trumpet in B♭ 1 - 3
Horn in F 1 - 4

Trombone 1 - 2

Bass Trombone




Percussion 1 - 3


Program notes


This work seeks to display the wide expressive and color possibilities of the wind orchestra, portraying it almost as a nature force, volcanic in its intensity taking the whole wind forces to raise from disquiet depths to eruptive continuous blocks. Despite the apparent complexity, from a detonating beginning the music flows naturally, full of playful rhythmic games, soloistic sections and rich nuances within every individual line, thus, bringing together a dimension layered music.

The title makes reference to the property of the matter that defines momentum as the motion contained in an object, which is subject of constant change through the force applied, the impulse.

It is the fervent impulses at the first and last section of the work that keep it in an intense state of movement, which breaths through an appeased long middle section, giving place to a more lyrical and intertwined materials in the woodwinds, contrasting with the earthy brasses and the most intricate section written for the percussions. All together comes together slowly, raising slowly in agitation towards the feverish ending.


Krakatoa Paroxysm by Aurés Moussong (Mexico)

  • Composer

    Born in Mexico City, Aurés Moussong obtained his bachelor degree in Music Composition in 2012 with the Spanish composer José Luis Castillo, a Universität Mozarteum Salzburg graduate.

    In 2019 he was accepted at the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, to pursue his Master studies in Music Composition with a one-year exchange at the University of Arts in Berlin to study with Marc Sabat and Elena Mendoza.

    In Mexico he received the FONCA grant for young composers in 2012, 2015 and 2019, while his music has been performed in repeated occasions at diverse national contemporary music festivals.
    In 2021 he won the Ibermusicas composition competition representing Mexico with his work “From the place of the mystery” for percussion quartet, premiered by the Pulsat Percussion Group in Oporto, Portugal
    The next year he was commissioned a work for brass orchestra to be performed at the Brass n’Roll Festival in The Academy of Music in Zagreb, The Academy of Music in Budapest and the University of Arts in Ljubljana.

    On the same year, he obtained second place (there was no given first place) at the composition contest convened by the Zhejiang Conservatory, in Hangzhou, China with a chamber work including the Chinese instrument Hulusi.

    On December, he was awarded first prize at the Egidio Carella Composition Competition organized by the Fondazione Val Tidone Musica, Italy.

    More recently, on January of the present year, he was awarded first prize by the Hungarian Composers Association (MZE) and the Winds of Central Europe (WoCE) for his wind quintet which will be performed in Budapest, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Trieste.

    Currently he is pursuing a two-year postgraduate specialization program in composition with Daniel D'Adamo, at the Strasbourg Conservatory in France, where he lives at the present.

  • Duration


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