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1 piccolo
2 flutes
Eb Clarinet

Clarinet I, II & III

2 oboes
2 bassoons
2 alto sax
2 tenor sax Baritone sax

4 F Horns (parts in F & Eb)
4 Bb Trumpets
3 Trombones (parts in C & Bb)

Euphonium (parts in Bb T.C. & C B.C.)

Tuba (parts in C B.C., Eb T.C. & Bb T.C.)

4 percussionist (1 timpani)

Double bass


Program Notes


I. The Obsession
II. The Shadows Of The Soul

III. The Parade Of The Crazies


The work consists of three movements that are intended to be contrasting in texture, tempo, timbre, etc. almost like a "Concerto for band" in which both sections and soloists of all strings as well as the ensemble are exploited.


The first movement is built on an obsessive background in its first section interrupted by almost random beats that lead into a second section that is articulated on short motives that are also repeated in an obsessive way and that ends by going to the bass, suddenly giving rise to the second movement.


The second movement will maintain a pedal on which slow and dark melodies with echoes and resonances are erecting a mass that explodes breaking the pedal note in a tutti that leads to the opposite end of the register, where painful melodies are accompanied by distant sounds that are muffled.


The third movement is a wild march, in which grotesque melodies, sometimes almost deformed, give way to each other, as in a parade of madmen, to give way to a finale in which all join in unison with outrage.

"Poems of madness" for Wind Orchestra by Manuel Bonino (Spain)

  • Composer

    Phd at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Higher Degree in Composition (winner of Extraordinary End of Career Prize), Piano, Chamber Music and Improvisation.


    He has received awards and mentions in international competitions for his symphonic, choral, electroacoustic, chamber and arranging composition. His music has been included in 16 CDs, and has been performed in Berlin, Paris, Prague, Budapest,Vienna, Havana, Seoul, Shanghai, Barcelona, Madrid, etc., and by orchestras such as the Russian Chamber Orchestra of St. Peterbursg, the OFGC or the Hungarian Chamber Symphony Orchestra, symphonic bands such as the Portuguese Symphonic Band or the GCWO and in auditoriums like Konzerthaus, Concertgebouw, Cadogan Hall, etc.


    As improviser he has played piano solo or with groups, with live electronics, at Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, etc.As performer has premiered music of various composers. His arrangements of popular music has been played for many orchestras.


    He has been president of PROMUSCAN (Association for the Promotion of Music composed in the Canary Islands). He is founder member of #(928), dedicated to audio-video improvisation with electronics, and of Ensemble Salvaje, an orchestra dedicated to premieres and to improvisation. Nowadays he is Professor of Composition at the Higher Conservatory Of Canary Islands.


    Learn more about Manuel Bonino.


  • Grade

    5 - 6

  • Duration


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