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WASBE 2024



Grade 3-3.5 (Maximum Length: 8 minutes)



Grade 4-4.5 (Maximum Length: 10 minutes)



Grade 3-4.5 (Maximum Length: 10 minutes)

A collaborative, mentoring opportunity for early career composers!

Definition of an Early Career Composer (for the purposes of this competition):

  1. It has been no more than five years since the first live performance of an original work at an audience-attended, concert.

  2. Has had some composition lessons or studied composition at school/university/privately.

  3. Open age.

  4. Is either (a) not yet published or (b) self-published or (c) has a maximum of 5 works published.

Submission Deadline: February 12, 2024

Contest Rules

Application Procedure

  • Applications must be submitted through the online Submission Portal.

  • A non-refundable USD $20.00 fee is required for each submitted composition. There is no limit to the number of composition submissions by any composer.

  • Note: Current WASBE members may submit up to 2 compositions (in total; any categories) at no charge.

  • Note: Funds from entry fees will be used to remunerate an independent panel of adjudicators who will provide feedback for all submitted works.

Submission Requirements

  • CATEGORY I            WIND BAND

    • Grade 3-3.5 (Maximum Length: 8 minutes)

    • Sample work for this level of difficulty

    • Scores must include the title, but NOT the composer’s name. Scores with the composer's name or other distinguishing labels or remarks, will be disqualified.


    • Grade 4-4.5 (Maximum Length: 10 minutes)

    • Sample work for this level of difficulty

    • Scores must include the title, but NOT the composer’s name. Scores with the composer's name or other distinguishing labels or remarks, will be disqualified.


    • Grade 3-4.5 (Maximum Length: 10 minutes)

    • This category is NOT anonymous; we want to learn about you and your current experiences/interests in the wind orchestra/band.

    • Please submit a resumé detailing your composition experience, including your music/composition education (e.g., your teachers), recent performances of your work, prizes/publications, and your career aspirations. Feel free to include links to your website, recordings, etc.


    • A sample recording (both computer or live ensemble are acceptable).

    • A digital copy of the full score (NOT a condensed score) in PDF format.

    • Instrumentation:

      • Flute

      • Oboe

      • Clarinet in Bb 1, 2, & 3

      • Bass Clarinet

      • Bassoon

      • Alto Saxophone 1 & 2

      • Tenor Saxophone

      • Baritone Saxophone

      • Trumpet in Bb 1 & 2

      • Horn in F 1 & 2

      • Trombone 1, 2, & 3

      • Baritone/Euphonium (TC and BC)

      • Tuba

      • Optional Percussion:

      • Timpani

      • Pitched: Mallets (at the composer’s discretion)

      • Non-pitched: Snare/Bass Drum, Cymbals, Auxiliary Instruments, etc.

      • Optional instrumentation (not required):

      • Piccolo

      • 2nd Flute

      • 2nd Oboe

      • 2nd Bassoon

      • 3rd Trumpet in Bb

      • 3rd & 4th Horn in F

      • Double Bass

      • Piano



    • A LIVE performance at the WASBE Gwangju, South Korea 2024 conference.

    • A conference reference recording.

    • Distribution/Sale of works via the WASBE Website Store for 12 months at

    • At the end of this term, composers may choose to renew with WASBE, publish with Murphy Music Press Inc., or choose neither option.

    • Featured within the Composition-of-the-Week series.

    • Featured interview on the WASBE YouTube channel.

    • Hard copy of the score displayed at the WASBE Booth at Midwest

    • WASBE event organizers will be encouraged to use/feature works that are WASBE composition contest finalists during their events.


    • All of the prizes for the finalists, PLUS:

    • A guaranteed interactive (virtual or in-person at own expense) rehearsal opportunity with a WASBE-endorsed ensemble and conductor during the year following the conference.

    • Featured interview/article in WASBE Magazine.

    • A one-year WASBE membership.


    • An interactive 20 minute workshop of your work at the WASBE Gwangju, South Korea 2024 conference (virtual or in-person at own expense).

    • A one-hour interactive rehearsal/workshop (virtual or in-person at own expense) with a WASBE-endorsed ensemble and conductor during the year following the conference.   

    • Provision of a recording of your work as it stands by the end of the one-hour interactive rehearsal.

    • Mentoring in engraving/score presentation.

    • The final version of the work (score and recording) will be presented to the WASBE board who will evaluate the composition. This may result in an offer to publish the work via the WASBE store, and inclusion for display at the WASBE Midwest Clinic booth.

Further Information

  • Piece requirements:

    • Must be original works.

    • Transcriptions for wind band are permitted provided they are transcriptions of original works created by the composer that have also been transcribed by the composer.

    • Currently unpublished (or self published within the last 5 years).

    • May not have received first prize in another competition.

    • Composers are free to write any type of composition in accordance with the current competition categories.

    • Compositions may be multi-movement as long as the complete work does not exceed length requirements.

    • The title must not change post-submission.

    • The same piece may only be submitted in one category.

      • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to move a piece to a different category if it is deemed more appropriate due to difficulty, instrumentation, etc. Composers will be notified if this should occur.

  • Categories 1 & 2

    • For one year following the contest (until September 1, 2025), WASBE will sell/distribute all finalist compositions via their website.

      • Each piece will be sold to the general public for USD $115.00.

      • Each piece will be offered to WASBE members for the reduced price of USD $30.00.

      • Composers will receive 50% of the proceeds for their piece (payable after September 1, 2025).

      • Note: During this time, composers may still distribute their pieces or seek out publication opportunities, but WASBE maintains the right to sell their works until September 1, 2025.

  • All pieces will be reviewed and confirmed within their category before being sent forward for adjudication.

  • Categories I and II have two rounds:

    • Round one will be adjudicated by a jury organized by the WASBE Composition Contest Committee under the guidance of the WASBE President.

      • Up to 3 Finalists will move forward to round two.

    • Round two will occur live during the WASBE 2024 Conference and will be adjudicated by a live jury organized by the WASBE Composition Contest Committee.

  • All jury decisions are final and unappealable.

  • There will be no ties in the final’s competition.

  • The jury reserves the right to not select a winner should they decide that there are no pieces within the category that meet the levels of high artistic merit .

  • Compositions selected as finalists must prepare and submit all performance materials (see recommended format guidelines below) in PDF Format to Markus Mauderer  at within 2 weeks of notification so that the materials may be sent to the ensembles for preparation.

  • Recommended format guidelines for scores/parts.

    • Use A3 paper size for the score and A4 paper size for the parts.

    • The score/parts should have the title as header/footer on every page.

    • Measure numbers in every bar are strongly recommended (or frequent rehearsal numbers).

    • Margins for the score/parts should be approximately 10-12 millimeters, not wider.

    • Font size no smaller than 4 millimeters for the score/parts. 

    • Expression/technique markings should be in one language (i.e., Italian, English, Spanish, or French).

    • Please include the following world parts:

      • Euphoniums in Bb Treble Clef and C Bass Clef

      • Horns in Eb

      • Trombone in Bb Treble Clef

      • Tubas in Eb Treble Clef and Bb Treble Clef

  • The contest is not responsible for any mistakes or misprints of the score and/or parts of the submitted compositions.

WASBE is a World of Musical Culture

WASBE is dedicated to enhancing the quality of the wind band throughout the world and exposing its members to new worlds of repertoire, musical culture, people and places. 

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