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#16 Suggested Repertoire from Around the World for Developing Bands

This 16th installment is submitted by Spanish WASBE member and conductor José Vicente Algado Climent.

Grade 1.5

Babieca (2020) – 3’ – Purchase at BRANFOR

Azael Tormo Muñoz (Spain, 1966)

Azael Tormo Muñoz

"Babieca" is a Christian march for young band. Christian marches, like Moorish marches and pasodobles, are musical pieces used to accompany the parades of the Moors and Christians festivals in the Spanish Levant. The music for these festivals dates back to the 19th century and has always been closely associated with marching bands, as it is the bands that perform during the parades. Therefore, it would be difficult to discuss festival music without mentioning bands.

Renowned composers such as Amando Blanquer and J. Vicent Egea Insa have composed various pieces for this genre, helping to define and evolve it through their creations.

Azael presents a composition tailored for young bands, structured in a ternary Lied form, providing a clear organizational framework for students. His use of the Dorian mode enriches the harmonic palette, while the melodie in fifths further enrich the musical discourse Incorporating rhythms with dotted eighth notes and triplets enhances rhythmic proficiency, and varied articulations and accents encourage expressive exploration. Azael's composition offers young musicians a comprehensive learning experience, fostering musical creativity and expression.

About de Composer:

Spanish conductor and composer Azael Tormo Muñoz stands as one of Spain's most prolific composers for Wind Band. His talent has been recognized through numerous Composition Contests both within Spain and internationally. Notable accolades include victories in the Catalonian Wind Band Association's Composition Contest, the Galician Band Composition Contest, and the Alicante Council Government Composition Contest. His music has resonated across borders, being performed not only in Spain but also in countries such as Belgium, France, and beyond.

Currently, Tormo serves as the conductor for various Wind Bands in the Valencia Region, where he continues to contribute to the vibrant musical landscape of the region.


Grade 1

Canon and Flow Op. 48 (2023) – 2’ – Not available until December 2024

Jose I. Blesa-Lull (Spain, 1984)

Jose I. Blesa-Llull is a Spanish conductor and composer

Jose I. Blesa-Lull is a Spanish conductor and composer who studied at the conservatories of Valencia and Castellón. Later, he furthered his education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he pursued a Master's degree in Wind Band Conducting.

As a composer, he has earned numerous awards and has been commissioned by prestigious institutions such as the Institut Valencià de la Música and WASBE. His compositions have been widely performed across Europe, Asia, and America.

Presently, he holds the position of conductor for the Symphonic Band at the Centre Artístic Musical de Bétera and is a faculty member at the "Mestre Tàrrega" Conservatory in Castellón, Spain.

"Canon and Flow" serves as an excellent tool for guiding young musicians in the creation of imitative musical dialogues in a straightforward manner. It not only illustrates the development of thematic material from a central idea but also demonstrates how these developed ideas interact within the core of the piece.

In addition to its pedagogical benefits, "Canon and Flow" offers an engaging platform for exploring various musical elements. Through this piece, students can experiment with different articulations, dynamics, and chromatic melodic movements, all in an accessible and enjoyable manner.

By immersing themselves in the intricate layers of this composition, students not only refine their technical skills but also cultivate a deeper understanding of musical structure and expression. Ultimately, "Canon and Flow" fosters a dynamic and enriching learning experience that empowers young musicians to explore and embrace the limitless possibilities of music.


Grade 3

Pop! (2018) – 4' – Purchase at Sheet Music Direct

Tawnie Olson (Canada, 1974)

 Tawnie Olson

Inspired by the universally cherished snack of popcorn, Pop! by Olson is a vibrant musical representation that immerses listeners in the delightful experience of popcorn popping. From the initial anticipation of a single kernel hitting the heat to the crescendo of a pot overflowing with fluffy, buttery goodness, Olson's composition masterfully captures every aspect of the popcorn-popping phenomenon.

Through meticulous attention to detail and innovative musical techniques, Olson brings the essence of popcorn to life. The piece begins with a gentle and rhythmic motif, mimicking the sporadic pops of individual kernels. As the music progresses, the rhythm intensifies, mirroring the increasing frequency of pops as more kernels join in the action.

What truly sets Pop! apart is Olson's imaginative use of musical elements. Through imitation, listeners can almost hear the kernels bursting open, while additive techniques create a sense of accumulation, mimicking the gradual buildup of popcorn in the pot. Playful articulation adds a whimsical touch, evoking the lighthearted atmosphere of a movie night or carnival.

In addition to its infectious energy, Pop! offers an interactive element with its aleatoric section. Here, young musicians are encouraged to improvise sounds that evoke the popping of popcorn. This not only allows them to showcase their creativity but also fosters a deeper connection to the music-making process.

Overall, Pop! is more than just a musical composition; it's a multisensory experience that celebrates one of life's simple pleasures. With its lively rhythms, imaginative melodies, and interactive features, it's sure to leave audiences of all ages smiling and craving a bowl of freshly popped popcorn.

About de Composer:

Canadian composer Tawnie Olson's music is inspired by politics, spirituality, nature, and the musicians she writes for. Her opera Sanctuary and Storm won the National Opera Association Dominick Argento Chamber Opera Composition Competition.

Olson has received numerous awards, including the Copland House Residency Award, the Barlow Prize, and the Iron Composer Competition. She has been commissioned by various prestigious organizations and her works are performed globally.

Recent projects include compositions for Seraphic Fire, Tafelmusik Chamber Choir, International Double Reed Society, Mirror Visions Ensemble, and re Opera. Her music is available from several major publishers and performed on five continents.

Olson holds advanced degrees in music composition from the University of Toronto, Yale School of Music, and University of Calgary.


Grade 3.5

Variaciones “Agur Jaunak” (2007) – 3’45”

Jose Vicente Egea Insa (Spain, 1961)

The work was commissioned by the Haize Berriak Band, Sakanako Musika Elkarte to Pay tribute to Esther Irisarri, a person deeply committed to the culture of her land in all aspects.

For the composition of this work J. Vicent Egea uses a very representative popular song of Basque culture; Agur Jaunak. This song structures and unifies the entire work through its different variations. In each of the 6 variations, the composer uses different rhythms extracted from Basque musical culture, such as; zortziko, arin arin, ezpatadantza, fandango.

As a unique feature, the work offers the possibility of incorporating native Basque instruments such as the Txistu, Bagpipe, Accordion, Txalaparda in an attempt to integrate these identity sounds within a symphonic discourse. Alternatively,, the composer anticipates and instruments these voices on other conventional wind instruments for interpretation.

The work was premiered at the tribute to Esther Irisarri in Alsasua on October 27, 2007.

About de Composer:

J. Vicent Egea Insa is a Spanish composer and conductor who studied between Spain, London, and New York. He holds degrees in Composition and Conducting.

Throughout his career, Egea has held notable positions such as assistant conductor with the Manhattan Contemporary Ensemble and the Orquesta Nacional de España, as well as Chief of Studies at the Escuela Superior Reina Sofia. He has also made guest appearances conducting esteemed Symphony Orchestras including the Pablo Sarasate Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra of Euskadi, and Royal Philharmonic of Galicia.

As a composer, Egea has been recognized with numerous awards. His extensive catalogue of works for band stands out as a testament to his prowess in this genre. His music has been performed in venues across Europe, Asia, and America, showcasing his international acclaim.

Currently, Egea serves as a teacher at the Pablo Sarasate Conservatory of Music and as the conductor of the Banda Municipal la Pamplonesa. He is also sought after as a guest clinician, conductor, and composer, further solidifying his reputation as a versatile and accomplished musician.


Grade 3.5

Cloud Juice Stomp (1997) – 4’10 – Purchase at Australian Music Centre

Karlin Greenstreet Love (USA/Australia, 1956)

Karlin Love is an American Composer and performer

"Cloud Juice Stomp," crafted for Duncan McFie and the Kings Island Concert Band, ventures into the intricate world of rhythm layering. The composition skillfully weaves together contrasting rhythm patterns, creating a dynamic and textured sonic landscape. Like a skilled audio engineer at a mixing desk, the piece gradually introduces and fades out different beat groupings, adding depth and complexity to the musical tapestry.

Amidst the intricate rhythmic interplay, a fragment of the beloved folk tune "Joy is like the Rain" emerges, adding a touch of familiarity and nostalgia to the composition. This inclusion serves as a nod to tradition while infusing the piece with a sense of warmth and emotional depth.

Overall, "Cloud Juice Stomp" is a captivating exploration of rhythm and texture, showcasing the composer's mastery of musical storytelling and his ability to create immersive sonic experiences.

About de Composer:

Karlin Love is an American Composer and performer. In 1989 moved to Australia to take the position of woodwind lecturer at the University of Tasmania in Launceston until 1997. She is now primarily a freelance performer, composer and teacher, having taught composition and music technology for the University's Faculty of Education and TAFE Tasmania.

Karlin's composition interests include writing for lute, guitar, clarinet, symphonic winds, extending and expanding traditional sound worlds. She is very interested in a Christian spirituality of peace and justice which influences her composition, partly by making ensemble relationships more democratic and creative.

View Score here



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