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MENORCAN DANCES by Martin Elllerby (England, 1957)

[#02] August 5, 2019

Martin Ellerby

Our selections from Buñol continue with Martin Ellerby’s latest work for wind band, “Menorcan Dances”.

This work was written for, and premiered at the conference by the Northwestern State University of Louisiana Wind Symphony, Jeffrey C. Mathews, conductor.

“My Menorcan Dances were completed in January 2019 and are somewhat inspired by a holiday taken on the Balaeric island of Menorca that previous summer. They are cast in three compact movements following a tradition fast, slow, fast structure.

Although the subtitles [Fandango, Bolero, Jota] are from Spanish dance forms, they are far from strict in interpretation, each taking the traditional essence as a starting point and playing rhythmic and melodic games with the styles thereafter.” — Martin Ellerby The performance of Menorcan Dances by Martin Ellerby performed by the Northwestern State University Wind Symphony has been recorded by Mark Custom Recording Service, Mark J. Morette and Jurriaan Boerstoel, engineers.


This performance can be purchased at click the WASBE banner, and use catalog ID# 54981.



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