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Nordic Instrumental Music for Colleges & Universities by Mark Lammers

This compilation of compositions from the five Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) was started by a grant in the summer of 1987. A sabbatical leave from Gustavus Adolphus College in 1990 allowed me to spend about seven months visiting each of the five countries creating the publication in 1991. That work sold out very quickly (although still available on used book sites) so as creator of the list I was asked to return to the five countries in 2006 to update the list. This was done and copies were given to each of the music agencies in the five countries. In 2007 WASBE asked if they could carry the list on their web site. With the help of Anthony Reimer of WASBE the list as it currently exists was adapted and included in the resources section of the WASBE web site.

The list allows one to call up the list by country, composer, title, medium or publisher. It should be noted that the various music agencies have changed since the earlier publication as well as some of the publishers, but most of the search for the correct agency and publisher should not be a great problem. In Excel, click on the view menu and select freeze top row. Then select the columns you want to filter on (the first 4), and click the data menu and then click on the filter icon.

I am very pleased that my work is carried on the WASBE website and even though it is a band organization I hope people reading it will share the site information with orchestra people as there are many items that will interest them.

My sincere thank you to many people who helped in the creation of this work. Here is a short list of those helping along the way (with many names missing). Anthony Reimer, Leif Jansson, Jan Olof Ruden, Gustav Bergel, Hilde Holbaek-Hanssen, Kari Laitinen, Kristin Jakobsdottir, Christian Hildebrandt, Anna Marie Bramsen, Jukka Viitasaari and Markus Mauderer.

Finnish Music
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Nordic Music Complete 2021
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