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Flute 1 - 2
Oboe 1 - 2

Bassoon 1 - 2

Clarinet in E♭

Clarinet in B♭ 1 - 3

Bass Clarinet in B♭

Contrabass Clarinet 

Alto Saxophone 1 - 2
Tenor Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone 

Trumpet in B♭ 1 - 3
Horn in F 1 - 4

Trombone 1 - 3

Bass Trombone



String Bass



Percussion 1 - 5


Program notes


This work is premiered in March 2022, "Sora wo Kezurumono" (The Skyscrapers), the title of this piece is defined as super high-rise building, or a group of them.

Inspired by a superficial word image from the title, it's how this piece has gotten its musical motif and construction; however, here is what I imagined while composing;

A young man in a chaotic world, surrounded by skyscrapers decides he wants to escape reality, starts running and before he notices, flies up towards the sky. As he threads through the skyscrapers in trepidation, he spots a light way up high. It was a ray of light of dream and hope. The young man makes his way towards it in earnest.

Since 2020, the world has become volatile, which is why my hope is for young people who have a love for music to keep their hopes and dreams, and to keep stepping forward. Subconsciously, it was with those in mind that sparked my imagination and shaped how this piece has turned out


Additional Resource: 
Watch the video recording performed by Yamamomo Symphonic Band, conducted by Mr. Hirokazu Amakasu, Warsaw Wind Ensemble Conducting Competition 2021 - 1st Place.

The Skyscrapers「空を削るもの」 by Daisuke Shimizu (Japan)

  • Composer

    Daisuke Shimizu was born in 1980 in Kanagawa, Japan.


    Shimizu graduated from Showa College of Music in 2002, having studied composition with Yoshibumi Fujiwara. Since then, he has composed for premier bands such as the Japan Central Air Defense Force Band, the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Eastern Army Band, Middle Army Band, the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 2nd Band, 6th Division Band, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Tokyo, Yokosuka, Maizuru, Kure, Sasebo Band, the Yamaha Symphonic Band, Naniwa Orchestral Winds, the Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra, the Siena Wind Orchestra, and Shintaro Fukumoto, the saxophonist.In 2016, Mr. Shimizu won the 49th JBA(JAPANESE BAND DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION) SHITAYA Award. Currently, Mr. Shimizu lectures at the Showa University of Music.


    Five CDs of Mr. Shimizu’s works have been released in Japan. In 2008, Next Angels, featuring Shintaro Fukumoto on Alto Saxophone, was premiered at the Midwest Band Clinic in Chicago, Illinois, USA by the Ensemble Liberte Wind Orchestra from Kawaguchi City, Japan.


    Finalist of the 2021 Sousa-ABA-Ostwald Composition Contest.

  • Grade

    3 - 4

  • Duration


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