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[#30] February 17, 2020

2008 | Wind Orchestra | Grade 5 | 5’-10’ | Tone poem, contemporary

Eva Lopszyc

Argentinian composer Eva Lopszyc’s Almirante Cristobal Colón is our composition of the week.

Almirante Cristobal Colón was written in 2008 dedicated to” Pablo Dell'Oca Sala, Laszlo Marosi, Darío Sotelo and Félix Hauswirth “ and premiered by the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Tenerife’s Symphonic Band, Felix Hauswirth conducting, at the IV Iberian-American Congress for Composers, Conductors, Arrangers , Symphonic Bands and Ensembles in Santa Cruz de Tenerife- Spain, November 2008.

The piece was performed also in Germany (Stuttgart and Manheim) and Lisbon- Portugal under the batton of Alberto Roque, 2009- 2010

Almirante Cristóbal Colón is included in the 1000 PLUS Selected Works for Wind Orchestra. Félix Hauswirth, Ruh Musik.

Almirante Cristóbal Colón was selected winner representing for the ISCM Argentine Section (Fundación Encuentros) at the World Music Days Wroclav-Poland 2014 ISCM-International Society of Contemporary Music-On this time was performed by the Air Force Symphonic Band- Major Pawel Joks, Conductor and also in Poznan- Poland 2015 “Poznanska Wiosna Muzyczna” by the same performers,

It is inspired on the history of Christopher Columbus, the great sailor and adventurer also known as Almirante de la Mar Océana.

The piece calls for the following instrumentation:

3 Flutes /1 Piccolo/2 Oboes/1 Piccolo Eb Clarinet/4 Clarinets 1/4 Clarinets 2nd/4 Clarinets 3rd/1 High Eb Clarinet/2 Low Bb Clarinet/2 Fagot/1 Bb Soprano Saxophone/2 Eb Alto Saxophone/1 Bb Tenor Saxophone/1 Baritone Saxophone/3 -Bb Cornets/2 Trumpets Bb/4 French horns 3 Trombons/1 Flugelhorn Baritone/2 Tubas Percussion 1: 3 Timpani-Percussion 2: Xilofón, Tambourine, Bell Tree, Glokenspiel- Percussion 3: Drum , 3 Tom Tom G, M, P, Tam Tam and Bongó- Percussion 4 Piatto, Wood Block, Maracas (with little bells,rattle) Gran Cassa Percussion 5: Vibraphone, Marimba, Tubular Bells 1 Harp/1 Piano 4 Doublebass

Eva Lopszyc was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Graduate from the Conservatorio Superior de Música “Manuel de Falla” Buenos Aires (CSMMF) in PIANO, COMPOSITION and ORCHESTAL CONDUCTING.

She began her studies with his mother, Tatiana Vaistij Lopszyc-pianist- then Elsa Piaggio deTarelli, Charles Dobler; Ángel Lasala, forming a piano duet with her sister Diana.

In Composition, her uncle grandfather Jacobo Ficher, Alicia Terzián, Roberto García Morillo and Augusto Rattenbach.

In Orchestra Conducting, Alfonso Stagno; Miguel Ángel Gilardi, Adela Marshall, Mario Benzecry and Pedro Ignacio Calderón.

As a composer, her production encompasses various genres, premiered by leading performers in Argentine territory and internationally in Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Cittá Dell Vaticano- Italy Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Israel, United Kingdom, China, Belgium among others.

Her piece “BRIGANTIA DE LOS VIENTOS” was recently Obligatory Work-Second Section in the “133 CIBM VALENCIA 2019

She has participated in Contemporary Music Festivals and Music Congresses for the Symphonic Band in Spain and Portugal- premiering "Almirante Cristóbal Colón", "Brigantia de los Vientos", "Ventos de Amor ... Terras de Fogo e Mar-Lembrança a Luis de Camoes" with the great conductors : Félix Hauswirth and Alberto Roque.

She has worked as conductor with orchestras, symphonic bands and contemporary ensembles, having done several operas and ballets world premieres.


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