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DIVERSIONS by Robert Spittal (USA,1963)

[#07] September 09, 2019

of Swedish composer and conductor Daniel Börtz

The second WASBE Composition Contest included a new category for “Concertino”. This category was specifically designed to promote compositions for an outstanding soloist to perform with an ensemble with modest technical demands. The winner of the category was Diversions, Divertimento for Solo Clarinet and Wind Band by Robert Spittal.

The premiere performance of Diversions was given by Shandra Helman, clarinet, with the composer conducting the Idaho State University Wind Ensemble. This divertimento is in five entertaining and varied movements.

Diversion 1- West Coast Fanfares

Diversion 2 – The Contrarian’s Waltz

Diversion 3- A Sentimental Chill

Diversion 4- Pomp and Circus Dance

Diversion 5- Klezmic

Robert Spittal is Professor of Music at Gonzaga University (USA), where he conducts wind

ensembles and teaches music theory. Robert is also the conductor of the professional brass ensemble Clarion.


Further information about all of Spittal’s works can be found on his website:

A list of all the winners for the contest can be found on the WASBE website.

The performance of Diversions by Robert Spittal performed by clarinetist Francisco Rodríguez Gutiérrez with the Banda Juvenil Conservatorio San Rafael de Buñol, directed by Francisco J. Haro de la Inglesia has been recorded by Mark Custom Recording Service, Mark J. Morette and Jurriaan Boerstoel, engineers. This performance can be purchased at click the WASBE banner, and use catalog ID# 54993.



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