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STRATOSCAPE for Wind Orchestra by Gauthier Dupertuis (Switzerland, 1997)

[#185] February 06, 2023 2020 | Wind Orchestra | Grade 5 | 10'-15' | Tone poem

Swiss composer and conductor Gauthier Dupertuis

Stratoscape, by Swiss composer and conductor Gauthier Dupertuis is our Composition of the Week.

It was composed in November 2020 and profoundly revised in early 2022. It was premiered on December 8, 2022, in Switzerland by the Civica Filarmonica of Lugano, conducted by Franco Cesarini.

With the subtitle “Methaphorical Views on Planet Earth”, Stratoscape is “a colorful and contrasting work for intermediate wind band, depicting the view of our earth as seen from the stratosphere. This voyage into the sky is pictorial, but also metaphoric, as it reflects on our world.”

The work is divided into 5 sections and has a general 3-part “fast – slow – fast” structure. I have tried to vary the musical language to create contrasting sections, and thus, the work is unified with its musical material, which is almost entirely derived from the main theme exposed in the first measures of the piece, whether it be in a rhythmic or melodic way.” (Program Notes by Composer)

Stratoscape is scored for standard symphonic band setting, with String Bass, Synthesizer and Harp as optional instruments, as well as 7 percussion parts. It has a duration of around 14 minutes.

Gauthier Dupertuis studied Musicology and Philosophy at Fribourg University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in 2021, he is now finishing his master’s degree.

Moreover, Gauthier studied conducting at Fribourg Conservatory with Jean-Claude Kolly, Stéphane Delley, and Étienne Crausaz . He graduated in June 2021 and was granted with the Conservatory Prize for music theory. In 2022, he succeeded his DAS (Diplom of Advanced Studies) in Orchestra Conducting at the Berne School of Arts with Florian Ziemen (DE). In September 2022, he was admitted to the Lausanne University of Music’s Master in Wind Band Conducting program with Jean-Claude Kolly (CH).

He has also worked with conductors Douglas Bostock (GB) and Mark Heron (GB) by participating actively at some masterclasses.


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