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2011 WASBE


Image by Alexa Soh

Learn more about 2011 WASBE International Conference below.

Welcome to the 15th Conference of the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE). This is the third time that a biennial conference has been held in Asia and celebrates the organization's thirty years of growth and influence since its founding at The International Conference for Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles, Conductors, Composers and Publishers in Manchester in July 1981.


WASBE conferences endeavor to feature the best wind bands and wind music from around the world, and this Conference includes wind bands /ensembles from eight countries and compositions from more than twenty countries. However, this Conference has a special focus on Asian wind bands/ensembles and the wind music of this part of the world, which should make this a very exciting week for those visiting from other regions of the globe. After thirty years of existence, this Conference is a time for WASBE to celebrate its accomplishments, but it is also a time for "Preparing for the Future by Building on the Past." Therefore, it will not only be a time for hearing great concerts and listening to stimulating lectures but a conference in the true sense of the word, with all de legates being involved in resolving problems and contemplating ways to make the wind band/ensemble a compelling part of the musical culture of the 21st Century. The Task Forces meeting this week will give everyone a chance to discuss some current issues, and hopefully by the end of the week, some new and engaging ideas can be developed, and some specific projects for the future can be established.

I wish to thank the Artistic Planning Committee for its hard work and inspired vision in developing the concerts, clinics and sessions for this Conference. I wish to thank the Mayor of Chiayi City, Huang Ming-Hui, and the Conference Chairman, Yeh Shu Han, for their vision in bringing this Conference to Chiayi City and Jao Chia-Po and Fang Chien-Ju from the Chiayi City Cultural Affairs Bureau for all of their support and assistance. I especially wish to thank the members of the Local Organizing Committee -- Phoebe Liu, LinHui Liao, Canon Huang, and their staff for the many hours of dedicated work over the past two years to insure that our visit is an enjoyable one. Everyone has strived to make this Conference a wonderful musical, cultural and social experience.

I hope that what transpires here this week will have an influence on the further development of the wind band/ensemble and its music and that it will advance the WASBE goal of "promoting symphonic bands and ensembles as serious and distinct mediums of musical expression and cultural heritage." I wish you an inspiring conference and a memorable stay in Taiwan. 

Dr. Leon J. Bly

President, WASBE

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